Digital Dining has put together a robust set of marketing tools and services to meet the needs of our customers in this highly digital age.

Digital Dining is pleased to now offer a suite of powerful new marketing tools designed to connect your business better with your valued customers. Our suite of tools will enable you to build customer communications designed to drive sales and frequency and engage your customers in your Digital Dining loyalty programs. Customers can have the opportunity to purchase your Digital Dining gift cards or new 'Virtual Cards' directly from your website or mobile devices. We have integrated web design services that enable you to present your customers with a beautiful and professional website that is easily managed and ties in with your Digital Dining POS Menus.

We are excited to present these new and exciting additions to our platform. These services are all designed to help you capitalize in the online market strengthen your customer relationships and grow your customer base. Please contact us to learn more about one or more of these new services we now offer.

Thanks again for your valued Digital Dining POS business and relationship, we will continue to add value based programs integrated with our solutions to better serve you in your growth plans.

Email Marketing

Our full service email marketing is designed to take the work and failure points out of creating an email program while providing an effective email campaign that delivers tangible results.


Our E-Commerce provides your business and it’s customers with a seamless simple and intuitive online commerce platform. Our platform has a rich set of features that can be utilized to coincide with your program.


Bonusbox provides your business and it’s customers with a seamless online loyalty experience. Connect your business, empower your customers, extend your program and grow your loyalty program.

Web Development

We create great-looking websites that are reliable, provide a great user experience, and showcase your brand. We custom build each site to fit your business needs.