DD E-Commerce provides your business and it’s customers with a seamless simple and intuitive online commerce platform. Our platform has a rich set of features that can be utilized to coincide with your program.

DD E-Commerce enables your business to sell gift cards and certificates quickly and easily. Seventy percent of online sales are driven by spontaneity and online spending is expected to continue to increase steadily. We can provide your business with a cost-effective, low-maintenance and powerful way to tap in to this market.

Design and Development

Our design and development team will create a simple and easy-to-use gift card store that resembles the theme and color scheme of your brand image. We can accomodate custom design requests as an add-on solution.

Store Management

Once your store is launched you will be trained on how to easily add items to your store, make changes to existing products and track store activity.

Multiple Checkouts

Providing multiple options for checkout increases the chance a customer will complete a purchase. Customers can use quick checkout, member checkout or new shopper checkout.

Promotion Support

Rich set of built in promotions, but any type of promotion can be supported. Convenient buy/get promotion support.

Payment Integration

Receive direct payment to your merchant account via Authorize.net and Paypal.

Virtual Cards

Enable customers with virtual cards that remove shipping costs while enhancing the customer’s experience through customization and instant delivery.

Digital Dining POS Integration

Digital Dining offers seamless integration to your POS systems. Benefit from real-time stored value integration, store value gift card purchasing and reloading, and purchasing and loading of virtual cards. There are three convenient tiers of service offerings.