Our full service email marketing is designed to take the work and failure points out of creating an email program while providing an effective email campaign that delivers tangible results.

Our email solutions range from weekly promotions to quarterly newsletters, all accompanied by our professional management allowing us to ensure that your content will be relevant, your frequency on target, and your returns high. Your dedicated account manager will work closely with you to make sure your email campaigns deliver results that matter.. Your account manager will work with you on building your subscriber base, provide list management services, creative development, distribution, and reporting.

Building Subscribers

Once you have joined our program we will send you a start-up package with sign-up strategies, sign-ups, signs to advertise your program and envelopes to mail back sign-ups. We also provide users with a way to sign up from your website and social media profiles.

Data Management

We manage your subscriber list and data to ensure high deliverability and automatically handle unsubscribes, bounces and spam complaints. We will make sure your data is segmented properly for multi-location businesses or for those that have additional data captured from their subscribers.

Custom Designs

Your account manager is also a professional graphic designer and will create a custom email design for use in your email campaign. We work with you to create a design that will perform great with your target audience while keeping in mind your business brand and feel. In addition to your standard template we create welcome, birthday, anniversary and holiday mailers.

Email Delivery

Our delivery rate is one of the industry's highest -- consistently over 98%. By adhering to the email best practices and developing solid relationships with many ISPs, we ensure your email makes the complete journey from idea to inbox. Your account manager will work with you to help identify potential risks that might prevent your emails from being delivered properly.

Campaign Reporting

It is important to know how your email campaigns are performing for both our team and yours. With our program we will capture read rates, bounces, the number of click-throughs including what links were actually clicked, shares and exactly who is reading your emails.

Social Email

Subscribers to have the ability to share emails via Facebook and Twitter that can be turned on for any campaign. Integrating social media into your email campaign can dramatically increase visibility while boosting your subscriber count and reader engagement.

Digital Dining POS Integration

Digital Dining offers seamless integration to your POS systems. Users in your Digital Dining frequent diner program will automatically be entered in your email program. This allows for cohesive targeting to help drive frequency.